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A veritable CORNUCOPIA

  and no turkeys in the bunch...
November 2019.

Alard Corniacopia of FOOD MACHINES November 2019

AIR CLEANER, Key model 2XSS, slot belt feed, 3HP blower, all stainless, good op; just in, CALL.

BLANCHER, hot water rotary, Robins, 48dia x 6'L, 1/8perfs, cleanouts; just in, CALL.

BLANCHER, hot water rotary, Hughes 48dia x 16'L, 5/32 perfs, CIP; just in, CALL.

BLANCHER, hot water rotary, Lyco model 8600, 60dia x 12'L, 1/8 perfs, CIP; just in, CALL.

BLANCHER, Lyco COOKER-COOLER model 8900, 60dia, 8' cook/ 4'cool, CIP; just in, CALL.

BLANCHER, Lyco VAPOR-FLOW, 60dia, 8'L, with boiler, CIP, flume inf, like new! Y4416.

CHILLER Lyco EASY-FLOW high-speed particulate coolers in-stock; SEE: 3-zone Y4302 or 4-zone Y4132

COLUMN LIFTS, MTC model HLC-2, 800 lb cap, & we have 400# carts; just in, CALL.

COOLING FLUME, <>40'Lx18Wx15D, w/dewatering shaker and pump, like new; just in,CALL.

CONVEYOR, Z-SHAPED ELEVATOR, 18W w/1H cleats, 30H inf/48H disch,, Y4402

C.O.P. TANK, 11'L x 20W x 17D, all SS, w/pipe-holder racks, with or w/o recirc pump Y4297

CUTTER, DICER, FAM, ILC-3D, Diversacut, slice, dice, strip-cuts, high-capacity; just in, CALL.

CUTTER, LENGTH, Magnuson-Shufflo type, step feeder to circular knives, all SS; just in, CALL.

Cutter, URSCHEL DICER models in stock: Diversacut 2110, G, G-A, GKS, GRL, H, J-A, L, RA, RA-A CALL 315-589-4511 to discuss YOUR cutting specifications.

Cutter, URSCHEL COMITROL PROCESSORS in stock: 1700, 3600, 3640 CALL for details.

Cutter, URSCHEL SLICER models in stock: CC, CC-D, GK-S, OC, OV, W CALL.

DEWATERING SHAKER, CMI, 32W x 6'L, all SS w/decelerator inf, catwalk; SOLD

DRUM UNLOADER, Murzan AB-72 suction wand, 316 SS USDA sanitary, like new SOLD

DUMPERS for bins, totes, boxes, barrels, multiple sizes / types / configurations in stock CALL.

DUMPER-HOPPER-FEED CONVEYOR, complete integrated feed system, like new; Y4417

FEEDER, VIBRATING, KEY Iso-Flo, 18W x 70L, vibratory, round drop discharge; ; just in, CALL 315-589-4511.

FEEDER, VIBRATING, KEY Iso-Flo, tapers from 65 to 48W, 6'L, dimple sfc, all SS; just in, CALL 315-589-4511.

FREEZER, CRYOGENIC CO2, 18'L x 40W belt, Praxair Coldfront JE-U4, all SS, Y4312

HAMMERMILL, Rietz DISINTEGRATOR RA2-8-K122, 8 dia rotor, 40HP; just in, CALL.

HAMMERMILL, Fitzpatrick DAS012, 12 inch feed throat w/twin feed screws; just in, CALL.

HEAT EXCHANGER, shell and tube, 1.5dia x 144' travel in (12) 12'L passes, all SS; just in, CALL 315-589-4511.

HYDROSIEVE, water recovery screen, 24W x 36L, all SS including cabinet, NEW Alard Z3200

INSPECTION CONVEYOR, 3-level, 15'L belts, all SS, trim tables ea sd w/waste chutes; just in, CALL 315-589-4511.

KETTLEs, 100 gal Groen CapKold COOK-CHILL, W/INA scraper-agitator, SOLD

KETTLE, 125 gallon Lee with scraper-agitator, 90psi steam jacket, all SS; just in, CALL.

KETTLEs, 200 gal w/ INA scraper-agitator, 100psi steam jacket, Groen; just in, CALL.

KETTLE, 200 gal w/sweep agitator, 40psi steam jacket, H2O cylinder pwr tilt-out agit; just in, CALL

METAL DETECTOR, 10 7/8H x 19 11/16W opening w/18Wx70L belt in place, Cassel, IN stock NEW Y2736

METAL DETECTORS, belt, vibrating, pipe, drop-thru, new & refurbished in stock ready to go; CALL 315-589-4511.

MIXER, paddle, 08 cu ft/250# Butcher Boy, TILT to disch, w/weigh cells & controls; just in, CALL.

MIXER, paddle, 40 cu ft, 72L x 40W x 42D vessel, 12sq btm slidegate disch, all SS; just in, CALL 315-589-4511.

MIXER, tumble mixer, 36 dia x 36 deep, power tilt to dump, all SS; just in, CALL.

PEELER-WASHER, 8-roll Magnuson WSP-3086, belt-drive, all SS, power disch auger; just in, CALL 315-589-4511.

PEELER-WASHER, 10-roll LYCO Raging Bull, all SS, 5x7.5HP drives, metering auger, SOLD

POUCH COOLER, Lyco model 8700, 72dia x 24'L, CIP sys, plate chiller, Y3930

PUMP, CORNELL FOOD PUMPS: 4, 6, 8, new/used, with or w/o feed tanks & drives; CALL.

PUMPs, lobe, WAUKESHA models in stock: 60, 64, 130, with or w/o drives, CALL 315-589-4511,

SEASONING DRUM, Spray Dynamics 2-stage soft flight wet & dry coating drumSOLD

WASHER-CHILLER, TS Designs Junior Wash & Chill, w/chill coil, pump, sieve, EXC cond; SOLD

WASHER, TURBULENT- NSEP Helical Wash System, w/ recirc pump, EXC cond; SOLD

*Specializing in new and used equipment for the food processing industry. Descriptions condition, capacities, etc., are those of the owners or manufacturers. All offers are subject to prior sales and owner's confirmations. 

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